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The Hanse 675 has a length of 20.95 m, a water line length of 18.70 m and a width of 5.90 m. Two keel versions are available: Standard T-keel with 3.00 m and a short keel with 2.60 m.


Many details have been adopted from the successful Hanse 575 model – so we are certain that the latest Hanse will be a resounding success! The deck is flat with a sporty, elegant and harmonious look. A large number of portholes, windows and skylights provide ample light and air below deck and underline the loft-like interior.


The new Hanse 675 is also designed to combine extremely good sailing characteristics with lots of space below deck. The dinghy garage you will remember from the Hanse 575 has been adopted in the new model too and makes using a dinghy child's play. The deck is extremely easy to use and is designed to enable the yacht to be sailed even with just a small crew. This is made possible by the self-tacking jib and the winches on the helms position, which can be used to operate all halyards and sheets.


The Hanse 675 will be taking the place of the successful Hanse 630e in the coming year, which is the most successful yacht in the 60 - 70 foot class to date with over 60 boats sold. The new Hanse 675 has a 30% larger interior volume compared with the 630e and offers a whole host of exciting new features.


Further information is available from JK3 Nautical Enterprises and from your local Hanse dealer. 



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