Astounding German Quality

From luxury cars to heavy equipment, German engineering has earned a solid reputation for producing smart, sound, long-lasting and high-performing products.  You can probably name quite a few German companies that are recognized among the upper echelon of their industries.



The result of German quality is this: The product you buy will have built-in value that cannot be found elsewhere. It is simply the global benchmark for value.



From hulls laid up using vinylester resin to massive stainless steel keel bolt backing plates, Hanses are built to last. Value retention aside, the benefits of having a well built boat are numerous.


Let's have a look at what Hanse Yachts is doing differently to produce yachts of a higher category.


A Stronger Yacht

Quality starts with the keel and hull structure - and on a Hanse these are built stronger. If you visit Hanse's Greifswald facility, you will notice that the boats are being built with keels installed - with no blocks supporting the keels. This is intentional. Hanse introduced a stronger grid/stringer system that allows the keels to remain hanging free of blocks. Other builders cannot leave the keels hanging without risking damage to the hull.


The Hanse value is twofold:


1) Time is saved by removing the need to block/unblock the keel every time it moves to a new station = cost can be decreased.


2) The overall strength of the boat is increased with the stronger grid system.


Value is built right into the structure of your Hanse Yacht. 

Bulkhead Installation

Another important detail in your Hanse yacht is the manner in which bulkheads are installed. In a Hanse Yacht the bulkheads are installed using a structural adhesive and then laminated in. That second step takes additional time and material, but the overall product is a stiffer, longer lasting yacht that will remain stiff longer than other yachts.


True happiness is peace of mind - and with a hull built with such rigorous adherence to quality, you will find true happiness in your Hanse Yacht. 

Hanse Yachts uses industry leaders Jefa Steering ( exclusively to ensure the very best performance is achieved under the water. The Jefa system is comprehensive and the advantages are many:


- Self-aligning rudder bearings mean no loss of steerage in heavy weather. The helm is light even in big puffs. Owners that have used the standard 'bushing' type bearings know that this is a big upgrade.


- Optimized rudder design - less drag, more effective.


- Peace of mind from the very highest quality in rudder design and construction.

In and of itself, the self tacking jib is not a new invention. A rig designed specifically for a self tacking jib, with a level of performance that will thrill even you racers out there IS a new innovation. 


Self tacking jibs are often fraught with problems since they usually change the balance of the rig. On a Hanse Yacht, the self tacking jib is an integral part of the design, so your yacht will sail beautifully, allowing you to effortlessly short tack out of the harbor. 


At JK3 Nautical Enterprises, we value performance and functionality. On a sailboat, that means we like features that allow you to turn the 'auxiliary power' off earlier, and get sailing sooner. The Hanse self tacking jib is a real hoot - this is something that works so well, you must try it to believe it.

Retractable Bow Thrusters

Bow and stern thruster ports affect performance. A large cavity in the hull is not ideal, and creates a significant amount of drag.  Hanse has integrated retractable thrusters into their designs so that each hull's shape is not compromised. 


At JK3 Nautical Enterprises, we've found these bow thrusters to be remarkably effective. They automatically retract after a set period of time, so you can't forget to leave your thruster deployed, and they provide a great amount of power to get you through docking maneuvers handily. 


If you find performance to be important on any level, a retractable bow thruster is something you should consider.

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